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Artificial intelligence (AI) allows safe workload reduction

Replacing one reader in a breast cancer screening workflow with Transpara for the low risk cases could safely reduce the

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A prospective study of breast cancer screening with AI as first reader for likely normal mammographies

Initial results of screening with Transpara as first reader, in cases of likely normal FFDMs, reduced the reader workload by

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Commercially available AI system for breast cancer detection shows promise for risk prediction, including among women with dense breasts

Transpara’s imaging-based measures combined with volumetric density improved discrimination of invasive breast cancer. Including these measures in risk models could

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Can artificial intelligence (AI) completely replace human reader in mammography screening program? A retrospective evaluation with digital mammography (DM) and digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT)

Transpara could be used alone in screening programs with DM but with DBT it would be necessary to increase the

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The potential of AI to reduce interval cancer in a middle income country breast cancer screening program

Transpara has the potential to reduce the rate of interval cancers, when applied as a second or third independent reader

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Replacing a radiologist by AI in Dutch population based breast cancer screening and the impact of breast density on performance

Transpara provides higher sensitivity than the first reader and is complimentary hence Transpara has potential as second reader but an

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