COVID-19 Update

21st April 2020

COVID-19 Update

According to various international societies, most breast screening and diagnostic exams are likely to be delayed due to the current global COVID-19 situation.  This places a huge burden on healthcare systems as the backlog of patients starts to build. 

As the leader in breast AI decision support and with technical capability to install remotely, we would like to help our community get back up to speed quickly to deal with their increased workload once restrictions are lifted. 

For your peace of mind, Transpara 2D and 3D is the only FDA cleared and CE marked breast AI solution clinically proven to be as good as radiologists.  The unique Exam Score identifies mammograms that are at higher risk of harboring abnormalities to help effectively prioritize screening.  What’s more, Transpara can help maintain your high level of accuracy and consistency during this uncertain period. 

Please contact your local teams for more information about our COVID-19 initiatives.