Interested in research with breast AI?

20th April 2021

Interested in research with breast AI?

Natasja Janssen, Clinical Scientist

ScreenPoint Medical has a clear and compelling mission to help radiologists detect breast cancer as early as possible. Radiologists scan through a thousand screening exams in order to find a few cases of breast cancer so they are looking at normal exams most of their time. The workload of these screening radiologists is ever-increasing because many countries practise double or even triple reading for their screening programmes. Although effective, up to a third of cancers are still being missed at the time of screening.

This is improved with the power of Transpara, our artificial intelligence solution. Through many studies we have proved the screening workload can be safely halved by replacing the second reader with AI.  Furthermore, we have found that AI has the potential to identify women at high risk who may need additional evaluation or imaging.

We are currently working with our clinical partners in over 35 studies around the world to answer all their issues and so help bring AI into the fight against breast cancer. We are always interested in hearing how we could work together on prospective clinical trials assessing the performance of Transpara in real-life screening settings.

We aim to improve radiologist’s accuracy even further, safely reduce workload and address COVID related delays in diagnosis which impact resulting treatment.

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