Researchers to share Transpara® breast AI benefits at ECR 2023

28th February 2023

Researchers to share Transpara® breast AI benefits at ECR 2023

Nijmegen, The Netherlands: Date March 1, 2023:
Transpara® from ScreenPoint Medical is now being used daily in more than 30 countries worldwide. Reinforcing the value of its use in clinical practice, researchers using Transpara will deliver a comprehensive series of abstracts at the upcoming European Congress of Radiology 2023 at the Austria Center in Vienna on 1st – 5th March.
Transpara’s decision support capabilities will be the subject of seven (7) clinical abstracts from five (5) countries reporting on the results and benefits of using the system. The abstracts have been submitted from Australia, Germany, Norway, Spain (2) and Sweden (2).
The themes of these abstracts will focus on using AI to improve accuracy and workflow efficiency.
Mark Koeniguer, CEO of ScreenPoint Medical said Transpara continues to lead the way in the use of AI as a predictive decision support tool for increasingly pressured radiologists.
“The flexibility of being able to use Transpara is key to the work radiologists are doing when interpreting mammograms. At ScreenPoint, we are focused on delivering a workflow-friendly solution to give radiologists better results and confidence at the same time. The ground breaking abstracts presented at ECR will add weight to the record number of endorsements for Transpara that have already been published – more than for any other system in this field. We are excited to be able to present these market leading benefits of Transpara in a range of clinical settings around the world.”

Post-show update.

Publicly available abstracts: 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and extremely dense breasts in BreastScreen Norway: Can AI increase cancer detection?

Workload reduction of digital breast tomosynthesis screening using artificial intelligence and synthetic mammography

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Breast Cancer Screening Programs in Cordoba (AITIC): Introduction and first interim results

Artificial Intelligence (AI) improves breast cancer screening performance for both digital mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis

AI-decision support for double reading in breast cancer screening with digital mammography: A pseudo-prospective evaluation

Performance comparison of artificial intelligence (AI) to double reading in the Australian BreastScreen Program