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ScreenPoint and Transpara in the News!

9th August 2023

ScreenPoint and Transpara in the News!

Our Nijmegen office was visited by a Netherlands-based news crew the week of August 1.

What was the big news? The groundbreaking randomized controlled trial on the value of AI in breast imaging published in Lancet Oncology by Lång, et al. This team used Transpara to test a workflow that could reduce reading capacity allocated to low-risk mammograms.  

Those findings are found in summary form at this link. The full clinical article is available here

While all the press coverage has been fun and exciting, there are a few truths to consider when processing AI hype. 

Not all AI is the same.

We are incredibly proud of the performance of Transpara in the first prospective, randomized controlled trial for breast AI. At the same time, we were not surprised, because Transpara has performed well in a variety of retrospective and prospective analyses presented globally and published in peer-reviewed journals. Transpara has been trusted by radiologists for over 4 million scans for a reason. 

Workflow really matters.

Radiologists around the world continue to struggle with tremendous workloads both due to population growth and technology access and capabilities. Only with both clinical confidence and improved workflow can AI make a difference. 

The future is bright.

We continue to improve our algorithm and applications. In life, and the world of radiology, the only constant is change.

The next decade will be exciting! We are looking forward to growing with our customers and for our mission: 

Here’s the full news story, with a great appearance by Director of Customer Success, Esther Smits! 

Interested in learning more about Transpara and understanding how our clinical confidence and workflow improvements can help your practice or program? 

Let us know, and we’ll reach right out!