Dr Arne Skjold

Transpara makes a difference in Haugaland, Norway

Norway based Helse Fonna Hospital Trust administrates hospitals and institutions in Haugaland, Sunnhordland and parts of Hardanger. Helse Fonna Health Trust is one of five local health trusts owned by Western Norway Regional Health Authority. The trust has over 4000 employees. Haugesund Hospital is the leading hospital in Helse Fonna, and the only hospital in the trust with a dedicated breast diagnostics center. Haugesund Hospital provides specialized health care services to approximately 180,000 residents in parts of western Norway.

In January 2019, the hospital installed Transpara™, the leading AI for breast cancer diagnosis. For breast studies the hospital uses a Siemens Healthineers Mammomat Inspiration for both 2D and 3D studies supported by a GE Healthcare Essential for 2D, all complemented by a Sectra IDS7 workstation. Four general radiologists are on the breast diagnostic staff with one, Dr Arne Skjold, spending most of his time in mammography, where he has acquired considerable experience.

ScreenPoint applications specialist Esther Smits spoke with Dr Skjold about Transpara™ during a recent follow up session. He said, “I’m glad we have it. Personally, I like the peace of mind that its sensitivity to calcifications brings. Also, in studies with a low exam score of 1 or 2 I am more confident when I cannot find something in the mammogram. But if we do find something suspicious, then we go straight to ultrasound or MRI.”

“It’s good that results are shown on a monitor next to the diagnostic screen as it creates a good workflow. The addition of a column showing exam scores in my worklist in Sectra is good as it helps to triage.”

“If I had any wish, I would like Transpara™ to help us get more out of a 3D DBT exam. We are therefore very excited to recently introduce this technology into our new 3D diagnostic workflow.”

Further observations included: heightened attention paid to Exam Score 10, Exam Score is related to the incidence of cancers found per 1,000. Overall, Transpara is like a second radiologist, giving them confidence and peace of mind.