Professor Levent Celik

Transpara makes a positive difference for women at leading private breast screening clinic in Istanbul

With Transpara now being used in around 20 countries, the system is now earning praise and endorsement from far and wide.

For example, in Turkey Professor Levent Celik, Principal of Radiologica, a leading private breast screening clinic in Istanbul, says he is delighted with the performance of Transpara which he  installed in September 2018.

Professor Celik’s clinic sees over 5,000 women annually for both screening and diagnostic mammography with the Fuji Amulet.  They are currently using Transpara light integration using a tablet interface together with their customized PACS solution.

“The tablet interface is excellent and it helps with our workflow.  The Exam Score from one to ten, ten meaning a scan shows a patient with a higher mammographic risk – is a superb back-up to my own decisions,” he said.  “I always pay more attention to cases with a high Exam Score and at the same time, I am confident that exams with low Exam Score are  highly likely to be normal ”

Transpara is making a positive difference for the women who visit the clinic.  “If Transpara marks something that is visible, I can check it immediately with ultrasound to become more certain about the need for biopsy.  This can help to reduce unnecessary biopsies and anxiety for many women.” 

“We believe that using Transpara, we are detecting some cancers earlier.  This means women can begin treatment earlier, potentially less invasive treatment and better outcomes.”

“As a decision support tool, Transpara increases your confidence and saves time too enabling our patients to learn the results of their scans faster than before.” Said Professor Celik about using Transpara in daily practice.