Dr Daniel Gurell


Dr Daniel Gurell and the UDMI experience of Transpara®

UDMI (University Diagnostic Medical Imaging. PC), New York is exclusively owned and operated by radiologists, all of whom are board certified, specialty trained, and MQSA certified ensuring the highest standards and quality of care for patients. The facility is an ACR Breast Center of Excellence which performs up to 400 studies a day.

UDMI is equipped with the very latest breast imaging technology which includes 3D breast tomosynthesis and ScreenPoint Medicals Transpara Breast AI software
The Radiologists at UDMI tried out a number of AI breast care systems and chose Transpara AI from ScreenPoint Medical, as it was backed by clinical evidence, and offered an easy implementation process into their existing workflow and reading stations. The Radiologists wanted a system that would allow for minimal interruptions during the installation, and references to ensure they selected the right Breast AI solution.

Transpara was installed in February 2019 and has since upgraded to Transpara powered by Fusion AI.
Vice President and Associate Medical Director, Dr. Daniel Gurell described how Transpara is integrated with UDMI’s latest 3D (tomosynthesis) technology.

“The main difference we noticed right away was how well Transpara worked with our existing 3D Mammography gantries. Also, the technology is highly specific resulting in fewer false recalls when compared to the previous products we tried out.

“Transpara is not confusing or overwhelming. It provides clear, objective guidance to problem areas in the breast requiring attention. This objective match to our own radiologist’s interpretations gives them a great deal of confidence in the resource”

Dr Gurell described how he and his colleagues use Transpara:

“I use Transpara all the time, and won’t read another 3D mammogram without it. The product fits seamlessly into our workflow, and we have found over time it has increased our mammography workflow. Thanks to the technology’s score card we are also able to focus on those high risk patients first, and get those patients the care they may need faster.”

So what are the overall benefits of using Transpara that UDMI has identified?
“In our collective opinion, there are several clear benefits to the product. Firstly, the Exam Score is very helpful as it identifies low risk vs. high risk cases, alerting us to the ones that may need extra time and attention.

“Secondly, it’s highly specific. The previous product we used would circle what felt like every area of the breast, leading to confusion and time wasted. Transpara is far more precise.

“Thirdly, it serves as a ‘second set of eyes’. This ‘second opinion’ comes in handy if/when there is ever any doubt. This is hugely advantageous particularly in the world of mammo that can be very litigious.

Last but not least, we always are looking for the latest and greatest technology that won’t hinder our workflow, and delay patient care in getting their results, with Transpara we were extremely pleased with their easy installation process, and that made the transition so much easier.

“More importantly, the patients who are aware of this tool get a confidence boost as well. They know we are truly giving it our all when it comes to their care by using all of the best and latest resources out there.”