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Transpara® for
Healthcare Providers

AI for better patient care

We work closely with healthcare management to understand the challenges they currently face. Our goal is to help address these using Transpara to deliver consistent and better patient care.

Making a difference with Transpara:

Improve early detection and treatment

Transpara can help radiologists to identify cancers so that treatment can begin earlier – which can help to improve survival rates. We are aiming to minimize harms associated with mammography, such as overdiagnosis.

Address shortage of radiologists

Transpara is clinically proven to perform like a radiologist and can help with the second or third reading or simply enhance your radiologists accuracy independent of their level of experience. With a large proportion of experienced staff nearing retirement, Transpara can help maintain consistency in your mammography service even at sites where numbers may be comparatively small.

Reduce workload by improving efficiency

Using Transpara to prioritize screening cases is proven to enable different reading strategies to reduce screening workload by, for instance, removing the need for double reading, without affecting outcomes.

Enhance results and quality of service for clients

Transpara enables hospitals to provide an improved and more consistent level of clinical performance. This has the potential to improve patient satisfaction and outcomes.

How does Transpara fit into my workflow?

Designed to work concurrently with radiologists to provide decision support tools to help improve clinical accuracy, reduce workload and optimize workflow.

Typical workflow for Healthcare Providers

Step   1

Categorise and prioritize

Transpara can help to differentiate exams that have a high probability of being normal from those that are more likely to have cancers. It is possible to improve productivity by triaging without adversely affecting outcomes

Step   2

patient care

Transpara is clinically proven to help improve radiologists accuracy and consistency. Cancer detection of Transpara alone is equivalent to a radiologist so it could be used to support second reading

Exam Score

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