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Transpara® for Radiologists

Evidence based multivendor breast AI for 2D and 3D mammography

We work closely with radiologists to understand the impact of workload and workflow on their everyday practice.

Some of the current challenges for radiologists:

Increasing workload due to demographics

Introducing 3D mammography

Pressure of making challenging diagnoses, often alone

Achieving cancer detection and quality targets

How does Transpara fit into my workflow?

Designed to work concurrently with radiologists.  Transpara provides decision support to help improve clinical accuracy, reduce workload and optimize workflow.

Typical workflow for radiologists

Step   1


Transpara provides an impression on the overall likelihood that cancer is present in a mammogram using Exam Score.

Step   2


Radiologists read mammogram together with Transpara to support their decision using Detection Aid and Region Analysis.

Exam Score

Transpara Findings

Learn how Dr Roger Yang and the University Radiology Group team have implemented Transpara to help AI to the fight against breast cancer.

Bring AI to the fight against breast cancer

President, University Radiology Group

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"We are now prospectively implementing Transpara in our screening program and we are very excited to see the results from our prospective trial. Even better, we have observed that the latest version of Transpara has significantly improved the detection performance of the system, and a higher sensitivity is achieved at high specificity.”

Dr Alvarez Benito

Consultant Radiologist, Hospital Universitario Reina Sofia in Cordoba, Spain

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“With each release, the Transpara algorithms are continually getting better and better. I use it all the time and won’t read another 3D mammogram without it!”

Dr Daniel Gurell

Vice President and Associate Medical Director at University Diagnostic Medical Imaging P.C.USA

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“I’m glad we have it. Personally, I like the peace of mind that its sensitivity to calcifications brings."

Dr Arne Skjold

Radiologist, Haugesund Hospital, Norway

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Je ne veux plus travailler sans Transpara

Dr Hajer Jerraya,

Associate Radiologist, Artois Radiologie, Arras, France

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“We believe that using Transpara, we are detecting some cancers earlier.  This means women can begin treatment earlier, potentially less invasive treatment and better outcomes.”

Professor Levent Celik

Principal of Radiologica, Istanbul, Turkey

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