Transpara® Helps Radiologists Detect More Cancers while Safely Reducing Workload

7th August 2023

Transpara® Helps Radiologists Detect More Cancers while Safely Reducing Workload

Randomized Controlled Trial for Breast AI as Second Reader: Preliminary Results Published in The Lancet Oncology


Transpara®-assisted workflow helps detect more cancers while safely reducing workload by 44% with no change in recall rate. 

Swedish researchers conclude that Transpara-based workflow safely reduces workload without lowering screening effectiveness.

August 2, 2023, Malmo, Sweden – Results published in the August 2023 issue of The Lancet Oncology from the Mammography Screening with AI (MASAI) prospective randomized controlled trial in Sweden show that Transpara®-assisted workflow helps detect more cancers while safely reducing reading workload by a 44% with no change in recall rate. 

Led by distinguished breast radiologist, Associate Professor Kristina Lang, MD, Principal Investigator at Lund University Cancer Center, this is the first time that a breast AI solution is featured in a randomized controlled trial. The study investigates use of AI in breast cancer screening as an alternative to double reading and involved 80,000 women between the ages of 40 and 74. With AI support, 90% of mammograms classified as “intermediate” or “low” risk and were read by only one reader while the remaining 10% labeled as “elevated” risk were read as usual by two readers.   

According to Dr. Lang, the study was inspired by the potential of AI to address both clinical and operational opportunities in mammography screening efficacy.  “My priority is early breast cancer detection. Radiology capacity seems like an operational benefit, but reader availability is a clinical need! Even beyond these early results that demonstrate that AI-supported screening can be considered safe while creating the ability to read more – I expect that as we continue to follow study participants in the coming years, we can also confirm that AI is beneficial in reducing the number of interval cancers.”

Transpara’s FDA-cleared, CE marked breast AI matches supports radiologists in detecting early breast cancers and allows them to improve efficiency of breast screening. Used by leading centers globally, Transpara has been used to analyze more than 4 million mammograms.

Nico Karssemeijer, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of ScreenPoint underscored the shifting value of AI in medicine and society, “Results are impressive and what’s also reassuring is that less than 1% opted out of the trial, indicating high trust among women in their radiologist’s responsible use of AI.”

This study marks the third peer-reviewed publication since April 2023 in which researchers demonstrated Transpara’s clinical and operational value in improving the mammography screening process.

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ScreenPoint Medical translates cutting edge machine learning research into technology accessible by radiologists to improve screening workflow, decision confidence and breast cancer risk assessment. Transpara is trusted by radiologists globally because it has been developed by experts in machine learning and image analysis and updated with user feedback from world-renowned breast imagers. 

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