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Transpara-supported screen reading versus standard double reading in the Mammography Screening with Artificial Intelligence trial (MASAI)

Link to full study Purpose Retrospective studies have shown promising results using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve mammography screening accuracy

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External Validation of a Commercial Artificial Intelligence Algorithm on a Large Diverse Population for Detection of Interval Cancers

Background Several breast artificial intelligence (AI) programs with regulatory approval are available commercially, promising to increase cancer detection rates. However,

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Performance comparison of artificial intelligence (AI) to double reading in the Australian BreastScreen Program

Purpose To evaluate the performance of Transpara using a ground truth data set of consecutive prevalent round digital mammograms with

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and extremely dense breasts in BreastScreen Norway: Can AI increase cancer detection?

Purpose Women with mammographic extremely dense breasts have a 3-6 times higher risk of developing breast cancer compared to women

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AI-decision support for double reading in breast cancer screening with digital mammography: A pseudo-prospective evaluation

Purpose To evaluate the added value of artificial intelligence (AI) as decision support in a region of the German breast

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) improves breast cancer screening performance for both digital mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis

Purpose To evaluate the added value of AI for digital mammography (DM) and digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) reading as support

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