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Artifcial intelligence in BreastScreen Norway: a retrospective analysis of a cancer‑enriched sample including 1254 breast cancer cases

Read the full publication here Purpose To compare results of selected performance measures in mammographic screening for Transpara versus independent

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Artificial intelligence (AI) allows safe workload reduction in breast cancer screening: A retrospective study

Purpose Retrospective simulation to test the potential of Transpara to safely reduce workload in the clinical workflow of a double-reading

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Evaluation of the performance of artificial intelligence (AI) after one year of use in breast cancer screening practice: is the promise being delivered?

Purpose To evaluate the impact of using Transpara as support for human double reading in a breast cancer screening program

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Artificial Intelligence Evaluation of 122 969 Mammography Examinations from a Population-based Screening Program

Read the full publication Background: Artificial intelligence (AI) has shown promising results for cancer detection in mammographic screening. However, evidence

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Interval Cancer Detection Using a Neural Network and Breast Density in Women with Negative Screening Mammograms

https://pubs.rsna.org/doi/10.1148/radiol.210832  Background: Inclusion of mammographic breast density in breast cancer risk models improves accuracy, but accuracy remains modest. Interval cancer

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Commercially available AI system for breast cancer detection shows promise for risk prediction, including among women with dense breasts

AIM AND OBJECTIVE AI algorithms have been developed to improve detection of breast cancer at the time of mammography. Whether

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