Why Transpara?


FDA cleared and CE marked for 2D and 3D mammography


The most independent peer reviewed publications in breast AI


Experience the benefit of our continuously evolving deep learning algorithm

Screening mammography is an effective screening tool, but has limitations. Radiologist reading capacity, dense breast tissue, and shifting demographics can make those limitations daunting.
With Transpara, radiologists get:

Challenges with Transpara

Improved workflow

regardless of acquisition type (FFDM, DBT) or reading environment (single reading, double reading)

Greater confidence

particularly in dense breast tissue - Transpara excels where mammography is hardest, in the half of women with denser breast tissue

Image-based risk

enables both a proven-accurate snapshot of risk as well as the opportunity to track risk over time to find red-flags in individual trends

Unmatched clinical evidence

See why radiologists trust Transpara.

Check out our extensive evidence,
from conference talks to peer-reviewed publications.

Can you afford to wait?


Burnout and Shortages Threaten Medical Diagnosis and Treatment

In the US, 1 in 5 radiologists reading mammography feel so burned out that they are ready to leave the field – professional departures are unlikely to improve burnout for the remainder of the profession. A 2016 Aunt Minnie report on the state of radiology in Europe called the radiology workforce situation in France a “ticking time bomb” and stated that a shortage of radiologists in the UK wascausing delays in diagnosis and treatment.


Improving capacity trough workflow enhancements

Technology is always changing, and always demanding an investment, so it can be tempting to wait. But with subscription software focused on improving capacity through workflow enhancements, why wait?

Continuous Advancements & Enhanced Access

A Transpara subscription means annual algorithm updates, changes that enhance usability and functionality, and access to the latest innovations when the become available.

The ScreenPoint Experience

Transpara is our software, and our team is ready to deliver an unmatched experience. We will work with your IT team to ensure a deployment that fits into your workflow as seamlessly as possible. Our applications team is focused on your success, from training to troubleshooting.

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