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Can it be said enough? Workflow matters in breast imaging, and particularly in breast screening.

The ScreenPoint Experience starts before you sign anything

We begin the implementation process during the sales process. Our team starts by gathering information about your acquisition gantries, volumes, network infrastructure, and reading environment.

These are the attributes that drove ScreenPoint Medical to create Transpara. The most clinically validated breast AI on the market, Transpara is proven to enhance the reading of 2D and 3D mammography exams, enhancing radiologists’ ability to detect breast cancer as early as possible.

Our extensive network of partnerships means that we’re always working to ensure seamless deployment in a variety of environments.*

*Your PACS vendor and PACS agreement may have specific conditions around the deployment of AI solutions. We work to ensure that our outputs can be ingested in a standardized and consistent manner and will give you information if required for you to engage with your PACS vendor.

No work in. Just workflow with confidence.

Integration is integral!

How many solutions promise workflow enhancements and create a swivel chair nightmare?

Transpara’s elegant simplicity means that results are displayed within your existing reading context, and can be tailored to every reader’s needs within that user’s hanging protocol. No added interface, no added hardware on a desk. Just the information that you need, at the time and in the place that it is useful. Our deployment team will work with your site technical leadership to determine the best way to experience Transpara for your team.

The goal? No work in. Just workflow with confidence.
Learn more about how Transpara can fit within your environment.

Flexible on-demand training

Your team is busy, and this transformative tool can help, but do your radiologists have time to all come together and meet for training? Sometimes, equipping the team to use the time-saver requires time they don’t have. To streamline deployment and onboarding, we have flexible, on demand training available. We are also continuously taking user feedback into account in providing workflow support tools/job aids. Our customer success team wants you to succeed and thrive when using Transpara.

IT-friendly deployment, radiologist-friendly use

A corollary benefit to our partnerships is our flexible IT footprint. Transpara can be deployed in an on-premise virtual machine, within the context of a multi-modality AI service, or with an optional cloud deployment.

Interested in learning more? Click here to request a summary of our deployment options.

Partnering to enhance your access

From gantry manufacturers to PACS vendors, we work with a wide range of partners to make Transpara clinically relevant and accessible for your organization.

See how flexible your options are when you see our Partners.

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