Confidence. Workflow. Trust.

Challenges with Transpara

Choosing Transpara

When you look beyond the hype and hyperbole, what do you want your breast AI to stand for?

Confidence. Workflow. Trust.

These are the attributes that drove ScreenPoint Medical to create Transpara. The most clinically validated breast AI on the market, Transpara is proven to enhance the reading of 2D and 3D mammography exams, enhancing radiologists’ ability to detect breast cancer as early as possible.


Improve Patient Care

Up to 45% of interval cancers can be found earlier


Categorize and Prioritize Mammograms

Differentiate exams with a high probability of having suspicious findings


Enhance Workflow

Safely reduce workload by up to 44% with no change in recall rate

Transpara’s performance has been evaluated in more than 18 peer-reviewed studies and dozens conference presentations. All of the data on Transpara’s performance – and we have a lot of data – is public, published and readily available.

Transpara Decision Support is used concurrently to help radiologists read 2D and 3D exams faster with more confidence – all within your current workflow.

The Transpara Exam Score is an image-based risk tool that categorizes exams using a 10-point scale for an overview of the level of suspicion – Elevated, Intermediate, or Low. The higher the score, the higher the risk of cancer in the mammogram. Clinical research conducted with Transpara shows that scores between 1 – 7 (Low Risk) have a 99.97% negative predictive value.

Transpara is FDA cleared and CE Marked and has been used to analyze more than 4 million mammograms at leading breast centers in more than 40 countries, delivering consistent results across regions and demographics.

Three reader studies involving 670 mammograms and 46 radiologists from both the United States and Europe show that every radiologist, regardless of their experience level, increased their accuracy.

Transpara – The globally trusted AI solution


In scientific papers and conference presentations


mammograms processed


Cleared and marked
2D/FFDM and 3D/DBT.
Most acquisition, most PACS integration in class


Countries worldwide (in use). Cleared for sale in 40 countries


Transpara Delivers Better
Patient Care

Transpara is used to assist radiologists with the reading of 2D and 3D mammography exams. Transpara provides radiologists with a ‘second pair’ of eyes helping detect cancers earlier and reduce recall rates. Designed to work concurrently with radiologists, research shows that up to 45% of interval cancers can be found earlier using Transpara, while helping to reduce workload and optimize workflow.

Ultimately, this is about providing accurate and consistent breast cancer screening to all women. We work with researchers, radiologists and breast clinicians around the world to continually improve the clinically proven deep learning algorithms in Transpara. We are committed to further improve accuracy, consistency and reduce unnecessary recalls, a common cause of anxiety for
women undergoing mammography.

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